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Guild CrestWelcome to The Free City of Lochlainn, traveller.

The Free City of Lochlainn is a city in the MMO Age of Conan - Hyborian Adventures from Funcom. Lochlainn is an open city, where everyone who is interested can apply for citizenship. In this way members benefit from the perks of a player city, and have a place to call home.

TFCoL lets you join a guild without all the possible rules, restrictions, duties etc. that sometimes goes with a membership. Maybe you don't want to follow orders of any guildmaster or have to be online at given schedules or attend large scale raids, like so many guilds make you do. We are however, members of an active raiding alliance, so there are raid-opportunities for those who want.

TFCoL - The paramount of casualness

The only common task is to continue building and maintaining our city so we all can have the home, shops, workshops and other amenities we want to have. Of course, Lochlainnians are often seen together in groups, seeking adventure, gold, glory and all that goes with it. The Free City of Lochlainn is neither a PvP nor RP oriented guild. We just want to have a city of our own and don't limit our citizens with rules.


To maintain peace and stability in Lochlainn, there is a City Council that is elected by the citizens. For more details about a subject please check the several sections above.

... and if your are interested in becoming a citizen of Lochlainn, go check the forums where you can fill out an application. Like mentioned before, everyone is welcome.

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