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CitizenSince there are no real requirements (yet), everyone can become a citizen of Lochlainn. All races and all classes (and therefore also all deities) are welcome in Lochlainn. The following points must be taken into consideration however:

  • You can't of course be in any guild when you want to become a citizen of Lochlainn. Even if we aren't a guild in our setup, we are a guild technically (in terms of gameplay).
  • As long as you are able to follow the few city rules, you are welcome to stay a citizen as long as you like.
  • The council however reserves the right to withdraw the right of citizenship in severe cases of disloyalty or when citizens break the rules once too often.

As a Lochlainner you get all the bonuses for being in a guild and still be free to do whatever you want. You will have a city to call home and a safe haven to return to from your dangerous adventures out in the Hyborian World. Lochlainn provides crafting halls (full Tier 3), a market and the other usual amenities. As a crafter, you will get the tools you need to make desirable items. 


All citizens will elect the members of the City Council. Some decisions however might be too important for just a few players to decide so there are also votings about important issues that every citizen can attend to.

Lochlainn Seal