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CouncilThe Lochlainn City Council will consist of members elected by the citizens to organise certain tasks that are necessary to keep a city running.

The different positions are:

  • Mayor - Head of Council

    As the head of the council, the Mayor's duty is to lead Council meetings and to represent Lochlainn. He will also always be the first contact for other cities, guilds or larger mercenary troops (The Diplomat will be that contact as soon as relationships have been established).

  • Diplomat - Silver tongue and nerves of steel

    The Diplomat serves as liaison to the fair city, and negotiates beneficial treaties and alliances with other guilds on our behalf.

  • Treasurer - Keeper of gold and resources

    The Treasurer keeps account of the city treasury which contains tax money and a stock of resources. Those resources (gold nuggets, wood, iron ore and stone) are reserved for times where Lochlainn will be in need. He is also responsible of collecting taxes.

  • Architect - City Planner

    Giving the right to citizens to build houses (homes, shops, workshops, taverns etc.) and to decide where those will be built is the job of the Architect. The entire layout of the city is under his control. In terms of Lochlainn's defense, the Architect will work closely together with the Captain of the Guard.

  • Captain of the Guard - Defender of Lochlainn
  • Captain of the Watch - Defender of Lochlainn

    To serve and protect Lochlainn! That's the Captains first duty. He organises and commands the city guard and makes sure that the cities defenses are always guaranteed. This also includes to build and maintain the (NPC) barracks, guard towers (together with the mayor who can build those towers) and fortifications (together with the Architect who can build walls, gates etc.). The Captain of the Guard also organises raids against NPC mobs and NPC towns that threaten to attack Lochlainn.

Lochlainn Seal