City Rules

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Code of decency

  • Citizens representing Lochlainn are asked to refrain from things like griefing, corpsecamping, ninjalooting, killstealing etc.
  • Even though Lochlainn is not focused on roleplaying, all citizens should respect players that do roleplay their characters.
  • The city's official language is English. This means that the Council meetings, elections and votings will all be held in English. Also all the rules and regulations are issued in English.

Citizen rights

  • Citizens have free access to crafting halls provided by the city.
  • Citizens can chose the City Council in the elections.
  • In the so called 'Votings', every citizen can vote on specific issues presented by the City Council.
  • Every citizen can run for City Council positions in the elections.
  • Citizens can chose to leave Lochlainn (and the guild) freely.

Citizen duties

  • Every citizen has to follow the City Rules (described here).
  • Citizens must obey the rules and regulations issued by the City Council.

Handling of Guild vs Guild issues

  • Citizens are allowed to raise temporary mercenary troops to serve under another banner than the one of Lochlainn.
  • If different mercenary troops hailing from Lochlainn should wind up serving rival masters and have to fight each other on the battlefields of the Border Kingdom, no such strife will be taken into Lochlainn. Thus is the code of the mercenary not to bring battle against his fellow citizen within the walls we all call home.
  • Building of a Battle Keep in the name of Lochlainn can only be done by the approval of the City Council.


  • Citizens - including members of the City Council - do not pay taxes (at this time). We do however strongly request that you take part in gathering the materials needed for the glory of our fair city.

Lochlainn Seal