Frequently Asked Questions

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: What is “The Free City of Lochlainn?
      A: “The Free City of Lochlainn” is guild/city within Funcom's MMO Age of Conan.

: What exactly is an MMO?
      A: An MMO, or Massively Multiplayer Online Game, is a gaming universe where thousands of players can connect to a vast 3D online world. In this world they can play with and against other players on servers hosted by a ame developer.

: What do you mean by Free city?
      A: In Lochlainn you’ll be able to get the benefits without contributing “anything” back,  and get the most out of your class and trade without having to stick to strict rulesets and raidschedule, and play when and how much you feel like.

: So you’re not really a guild are you?
      A: No, in game mechanics we are a guild, but not in setup. So you wont be able to join any other guilds while you are a citizen of Lochlainn.

: Do I have to pay taxes?
      A: No, not at this time at least, and we do not plan to tax in the foreseeable future.

: What about this council thing then? Looks an awful lot like leadership?
      A: Well, leadership is not necessarily a bad thing you know. The council will be democratically elected. Any member can run for any position. The council will make decisions on relations to other guilds, tax rate (if any), new buildings, citizenship etc. Larger decisions might be handled by guild polls.

: Ok, sounds fine. How can I influence the council then?
      A: Well as in most democracies you can vote for a candidate you know shares your opinions, you can talk to any of the council members as long as you can behave yourself (this appears not to apply in real life democracies), and you can even run for office yourself! 

: So I can run for any position?
      A: Yes. The exception is the Mayor, who needs first to obtain the rank of lord for game mechanic reasons. 

: But I’m really into roleplaying, I sound just like the dead alewives! OR: But I’m really into PVP, I pwn n00bs as a form of therapy!
      A: Well that’s the beauty of a free city. If you want to roleplay and try to sleep with the prophet of the Hand of Set, we wont stop you. If you want to roam the Border Kingdoms looking for a fight with every newbie in the MMO we wont stop you. Just remember not to drag the guild into your personal vendettas. 

: Sounds great, so what are the requirements to join?
      A: Well this probably won't come as a surprise since the whole FAQ has told you that Lochlainn emphasise freedom, but common decency is a requirement. Just behave yourself and it should be all right. To become a citizen of Lochlainn, just check out our Forums where you can fill out an application.

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