The Forges of Lochlainn

Lochlainn's TradepostWe welcome you to our crafting hall. The Artisan’s of our fair city have decided to share their wares not only among our citizens but also among all Hyborean dwellers. Feel free to browse below and find your heart’s desire.

Standard transactions & fees.

Local Transactions:
Transactions between our citizens bare no fee. The citizen in need of an item has but to provide the materials required by the recipe.

Foreign Transactions:
Transactions for non-citizens; apart from providing the required recipe's materials;  bare the following pattern as a fee:
1 silver piece per item level*, thus for example a 45 level item bares a fee of 45 silver pieces.

*80 level items are excluded from the pattern. Their fee is 1 gold piece

Non-standard transactions & fees
Culture (Ethnic) recipes fall under the crafter’s personal opinion as to what fee they bare.

Important Information
Please be informed that some of the names listed as contacts beside each recipe are alternative (Alt) characters which may lead in a delayed responce to your order. Rest assured though that all characters listed are owned by active players.